The Bloodline Chronicles

    (IBooks, 2005)
™ and © 1996, 2005 Editions Vents D'ouest

Young Lauren and Kevin Cynan are the only witnesses to their family’s slaughter and, when the FBI proves incapable of protecting them from the killers, they go into hiding. They survive, but it’s only a matter of who’ll find them first: the FBI or the mysterious men in black.

The cover copy crows “the sizzling noir thriller in the tradition of 100 Bullets,” but Bloodline Chronicles never reaches that lofty level. It’s a stylishly drawn thriller, to be sure, but the wheels start coming off when it comes to the story. Readers never learn much about the characters, the most interesting of which is Marry Johnson, who, with her Love & Rockets: The Early Years hairdo and Mister X shades, makes for the least likely FBI agent in history.

When it comes to plot, readers have absolutely no idea why “the conspiracy” goes to such lengths to cover its tracks. It’s so powerful (or stupid) it warns the FBI off the case by stomping a pregnant agent repeatedly in the stomach.

— S.A. Bennett

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