Lady Vampré vs. Black Lace

    (Blackout, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Blackout Comics, Inc.

This flip book contains separate stories featuring the deadly Lady Vampré and the voluptuous Black Lace.

Lady Vampré is in the thrall of Savanna, a true Nosfertu. A Nosferatu is not “made,” but rather is a vampire from birth. Savanna seeks to fulfill her birthright by releasing a soul from within an ancient, evil book which will make all vampires invulnerable to the sun. Can Lady Vampré escape Savanna’s clutches?

In the second story, Black Lace must travel into cyberspace to stop her half-sister Zaire’s bizarre plot. Zaire plans to use a secret code called Zanibar to hijack data as it travels along the information highway. Black Lace and her lover, security chief Huskin, can stop her only by entering the data stream themselves.

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FlipbookDavid Pettigrew, Rob RomanDave Gutierrez, Giampaolo Frizzi