Golden Features (Jerry Iger’s…)

 GFJI   (Blackthorne, 1986)

™ and ©1986 Caplin-Iger Company, Ltd.

In the 1930s and 40s, the Jerry Iger comic studio produced a wealth of popular comics, many featuring strong and beautiful women who in those days were still called “girls.” Among the stars were “South Sea Girl,” featuring the beautiful Alani, who fearlessly battles huge sharks with just a knife; “Lucky Wings,” in which a daring reporter will brave any danger for a good story; and “Madame Strange,” a beautiful superheroine—perhaps one of the first—with mysterious powers. If anyone thought that all the heroes of the time were men, this reprint series should dispel that notion. Plenty of clichés, but good old-fashioned entertainment, too.

A variety of creators contributed stories—Thorne Stevenson, Bob Webb—but who knows how real the names are? Published by Blackthorne Publishing.

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 Don Weaver, Slaba Eyce, Noel FowlerDon Weaver, Slaba Eyce, Noel Fowler


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