(Anarchy Bridgeworks, 1997)
™ and © 1997 Vinson Watson

It’s Chicago City, and Renea Helen carries a lot of pain. Ten years earlier, she was victimized by a gang of thugs, and has never been able to put it behind her. Now, she uses that pain and rage to fuel her own vigilante war against such criminals. Martial arts, athleticism, and a selection of deadly weapons ensure that no other woman in Renea’s vicinity need fear the night…for “Dark Vengeance,” as she calls herself, is there to protect them.

But her one-woman war on crime has a price, which shows up in Renea’s personal life. At home and at work, she can’t get close to anyone; her bitterness is all consuming. That separation from others—neighbors who could be friends, kind male co-workers who could be more—is taking its toll.

Published in black-and-white by Anarchy Bridgeworks, this comic puts a twist on the “bad girl” craze by giving her a sympathetic face.

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 Vinson WatsonDaniel Presedo