Dark Shrine

    (Antarctic, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Shelby Robertson

A war is about to be waged on the demiplane—the place where angels and demons dwell. Aenarion, a sexy fallen angel who once ruled this realm, plots and schemes to overthrow its current lord, Gadrique. With the power of an ancient stone, she manages to transport two young beautiful women from the mortal plane and transforms them into demonic angels like herself, to be her pawns in the great conflict that is to come…which looks like to be just another skirmish in the great battle of the sexes.

Gorgeously rendered babes appear to be the one and only staple that held this black and white series together for as long as it did—a woppin’ two issues! Editorial shortcomings, no doubt, help contribute to this title’s short life span.

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Solo coverShelby RobertsonShelby Robertson

#1 Variation A

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2 copies available from $1.44
Limited to 3,000Shelby RobertsonShelby Robertson