Wolverine: Bloody Choices

    (Marvel, 1991)
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Originally presented in a large-format graphic novel, this smaller, somewhat less expensive version of the same story by Tom DeFalco and John Buscema pits Logan against an international gang of child slavers. Along the way, Logan finds himself up against two unexpected adversaries. The first is Nick Fury, his onetime comrade-in-arms, who, for his own reasons, has provided immunity to one of the criminals Logan is tracking. This conflict of interests leads to a fantastic fight scene between these two old war horses. Logan’s second foe, meanwhile, is not nearly so recognizable, but familiar in his own way. He sports a feral hair style, a rough manner and style of speech, a taste for cigars…and his own set of retractable claws—one on each hand. Is this mysterious character, who goes only by the name Shiv, Wolverine’s brother?

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Ca 1991, Large Format Graphic NovelTom DeFalcoJohn Buscema

#1 (2nd printing)

2 copies available from $5.00
 Tom DeFalcoJohn Buscema