Out of This World (Eternity)

 OOTE   (Eternity, 1989)

™ and © Eternity Comics, a division of Malibu Graphics, Inc.

This title is not the Avon Periodicals 1950 one-shot or the Charlton Comics title of the late 1950s. Malibu Graphics has gathered together some of the best stories from Strange Worlds, Strange Planets, Tomb of Terror, and Weird Tales of the Future and resurrected them for the nineties. These classic black-and-white tales of weird aliens, heroic spacemen, and scantily-clad buxom ladies harken back to a simpler time when short stories were the norm in comics and long, drawn-out characterization was saved for a rare few “to-be-continued” stories. Star Patrols and alien abduction, not to mention ray guns and radium monsters, were the norm of science fiction during those years.

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Reprints stories from Strange Worlds #9, Strange Planets #16, Tomb of Terror #6, and Weird Tales of the Future #1 Everett Raymond Kinstler