MAGS   (Marvel, 1983-1984)

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Back in the Uncanny X-Men #160, future New Mutants member Illyana Rasputin (kid sister of Peter Rasputin, a.k.a. Colossus) was abducted by Belasco and pulled into a demonic realm known as Limbo. When the X-Men came to rescue her, they managed to (literally) pull her out of that dark domain, but Kitty Pryde momentarily lost her grip on Illyana. Illyana fell back into Limbo for what was only a second or so in our reality, but which was seven years in Limbo.

This mini-series takes place during those years in Limbo. There, Illyana is torn between Belasco, who seduces her into the black arts, and an older version of Storm, who has become a powerful sorceress in Limbo, and who tries to save Illyana’s soul from corruption by Belasco.

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Death of Cat (Kitty Pryde)Chris ClaremontRon Frenz


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Collects Magik #1-4 and Uncanny X-Men #160; X-Men: Magik: Storm and Illyana; ca. 2013Chris ClaremontBrent Eric Anderson