The Mighty Bombshells

 MIGR   (Antarctic, 1993)

ô and ©1994 Yujin Ishikawa

When the male super-heroes fall under the control of the merciless invading alien (although very human looking) Queen Sondum itís down to a team of women to save the day. Theyíre the sorriest bunch of national stereotypes you could hope to see, and it naturally falls to the American Uncle Samette to lead them. While the opportunity to see a Japanese attempt at the standard super-hero comic has an appeal, once beyond the cover it proves to be a very transitory thrill. Itís so mindless that it induces the suspicion that itís meant to be a parody, and in publishing it for the USA, Antarctic didnít get the joke, or it could just be plain bad. Extra minus points for ripping off Flaming Carrot as the Queenís advisor.

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