Blood & Roses: Search for the Time-Stone

 BRSM   (Sky, 1994)

ô and ©1994 Bob Hickey

Travel through space and time and with the no-nonsense hired agents for the Time-Lords, Christiana Blood and Tamara Rose. Blood & Rose had trouble fitting the mores of their own time and space. The dark-haired Blood wanted to fight in the medieval crusades, but was denied that chance because she was a woman; the blonde Rose was a 21st-century policewoman who rebelled against the endemic bureaucracy in her job. Now the Time-Lords have hired them to repair distortions in the timestream, starting out by recovering lost Time-Stones. Unlike other heroes, these damsels donít waste any time, (though they do manage to slide in clever commentary about past and contemporary times), making this a fast-paced title packed with several cleverly coordinated plotlines.

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 Bob Hickey, Joe MartinGene Gonzales

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6 copies available from $0.99
Indicia has incorrect initial date, really Jan 1995Bob Hickey, Jerry SmithGene Gonzales