Preacher Special: Cassidy: Blood & Whiskey

 PSCW   (Vertigo, 1998)

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This companion special to the Preacher series highlights Jesse Custer’s friend, Cassidy, the hard-drinking, fun-loving, Irish vampire. This story takes place a few years before Cassidy hooked up with Jesse Custer and Tulip O’Hare when he roamed across the country living the carefree life of the undead.

Cassidy is drawn to New Orleans where for the first time he meets a fellow vampire. This vampire is quite a different character than Cassidy. His name is Eccarius; he speaks in long flowery soliloquies, wears red contact lenses, dyes his hair white and fraternizes with a group of gothic vampire wannabes who look to him as their spiritual leader. Cassidy immediately realizes how pathetic Eccarius and his entourage are and reveals their pretensions to them. However, Cassidy’s dismissive actions in this title have later repercussions in the Preacher series.

Writer Garth Ennis uses this story to humorously contrast his vampire with the popular image of the Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire) variety.

— George Haberberger

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One-shot; Prestige formatGarth EnnisSteve Dillon