(NBM, 2001-2005)
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Abducted from her adopted homeworld, the strong-willed teen-ager Navee finds herself the lone human traveling on an interstellar convoy called “Wake.” Now trained as an undercover operative to study new emerging civilizations (à la Star Trek’s Prime Directive), Navee and her fellow agents go to the planet Hurumaru, where some of their predecessors have been “outed” … with dire consequences!

Navee learns that one of them has gone “native”: He betrayed his cause, overcome with sympathy for the enslaved race of Escots and affection for their Princess Moneva. But now their world is roiled by civil war, as the other races unite to destroy the rebels. In the second chapter, Navee must ferret out terrorists who are setting off bombs within Wake itself. Who are they, what is their cause, and why are they doing this? Navee may not like the answers she finds.

This creative pair gives readers their money’s worth by packing in the plot and saturating their worlds with color and detail. Unafraid of being political, critical, and at times confusing, Wake succeeds in making a strong impression.

— Oliver Chin / Comics Buyer‘s Guide’s Reading Room

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 Philippe BuchetJean-David Morvan


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 Philippe BuchetJean-David Morvan


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 Philippe BuchetJean-David Morvan


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Vols. 4 & 5; ca. 2003Philippe BuchetJean-David Morvan


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Vols. 6 & 7; ca. 2005Philippe BuchetJean-David Morvan