Preacher Special: The Good Old Boys

 PSTY   (Vertigo, 1997)

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Reverend Jesse Custer of Preacher, grew up at Miss Marie L’Angell’s, (his grandmother), Texas compound where she planned to train him in the family business. Jody and T.C. were two hired hands that did whatever Miss Marie required regardless of any legal, ethical or moral considerations. Especially moral. Jody, the cold, sadistic killer and T.C. the sexual degenerate killer, eventually met well-deserved ends in the pages of Preacher. This special relates events that occurred, according to the introduction, “’Couple years back. ‘Fore they was dead.”

In the swamps of eastern Texas, Jody and T.C. come across Cal Hicks, “a cop on the edge” and Tommi Ryder, “a supermodel-turned-lawyer with a dangerous secret” who are fleeing from Saddam Hopper an international terrorist, whose fractured English results in some truly absurd dialogue. Writer Garth Ennis has a bit of fun with these iconic cliches from action movies that are no match for a couple of good old boys from Texas.

— George Haberberger

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