The Blair Witch Chronicles

 BLWM   (Oni, 2000)

™ and ©2000 Artisan Pictures

Hot on the heels of one of the most successful independent films ever made, The Blair Witch Project, this four-issue limited series features creepy tales calculated to ramp up the suspense and horror surrounding the entire Blair Witch phenomenon (and whet moviegoing appetites for the lackluster sequel to the original film). Writer Jen Van Meter and artist Tom Fowler show us just how sweeping the malevolent power of the legendary Blair Witch can be, as the entity guards her secrets. In one issue, a group of Wicca practioners are single-handedly wiped out by the power of the witch, just for attempting to do a simple house “cleansing” or blessing. Like the original movie, much of the scariness of the stories is derived from the fact that you never actually see the being behind the black magic. But when you see what her awful power wreaks, the effect is devastating, both on the characters and the readers.

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14 copies available from $1.25
B&WJen Van MeterGuy Davis

#1 Variation A

No copies available
B&W Dynamic Forces VariantJen Van MeterGuy Davis


11 copies available from $0.75
 Jen Van MeterBernie Mireault


1 copy available for $2.50
 Jen Van MeterTom Fowler


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 Jen Van MeterBernie Mireault

Book #1

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Collects mini-seriesJen Van MeterGuy Davis, Bernie Mireault, Tom Fowler