Blood Club

 B6B1   (Kitchen Sink, 1992)

™ and ©1990-1992 Charles Burns

(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

There’s no current artist able to breach the mental barrier erected to withold childhood fears in the manner of Charles Burns. His characters populate a twilight 1950s oozing sleaze or wholesomeness with little middle ground, and there’s always the lurking threat of the uncanny. Blood Club is an extrapolation on a children’s campfire horror tale given the Burns twist and rendered in his thick lined and shaded style. As ever in his Big Baby tales, there’s the clash of innocence and sordid reality. Nice. Confusingly for a one-shot, this is numbered #2 on the cover, being part of a uniform reprinting of Burns’ Big Baby works, continuing from Curse of the Molemen and preceding Teen Plague. ~WJ

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Cover says Blood Club Featuring Big BabyCharles BurnsCharles Burns