Revolving Doors

 REVD   (Blackthorne, 1986-1987)

™ and © 1986 Blackthorne Publishing Inc.

This black-and-white fantasy series from Blackthorne Publishing and writer/artist Chris Miller finds a newspaper hawker named Steppen passing through the revolving door of an establishment called the Welcome Inn and winding up in another realm called the Overland. The revolving door is a portal to different worlds, and Steppen has stumbled into one that is dominated by a despot who enslaves the lowest classes and uses their life forces to power an instrument called the Machine. However, since his arrival was prophesied, the newcomer may be their salvation.

This is an intriguing series, and Miller’s art is more than a little reminiscent of Bernie Wrightson’s (Swamp Thing, Batman: The Cult).

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