BLOT   (Marvel UK, 1993)

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Walking through a frozen wasteland, a man’s strength finally gives out, and he falls into the abyss of sleep. Then, he remembers. He was Lysander, warrior king of Elysium—Utopia. That memory gives him the strength to fight on. He doesn’t know how he came to this frozen hell, but he’ll do whatever it takes to return to heaven.

But the world is not what it seems—or even what it had seemed. When he aids a creature being set upon by vampire-like beings, he is given a strange artifact that contains information about the world’s masters, and a helmet that lets him see through illusions. He uses these tools to discover that his memories—his whole life—were nothing but a fabrication. He and others were nothing but elements in a grand experiment in survival.

“The Masters” had been playing God. Now they will answer to their creation.

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1st Appearance of BloodseedLiam Sharp, Paul NearyLiam Sharp


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Gold cover; Nudity; Final issue (series was rescheduled as 2-issue series)Liam Sharp, Paul NearyLiam Sharp