(Amazing, 1986)
ô and © 1986 Alan Rowlands & Evan Dorkin

Dora Nash is a writer trying to escape the confines of her mundane existence, but when fate lands her in the middle of a prison escape, she gets far more than she bargained for. Captured by a group of survivalists, she is saved by the arrival of sparkling lights and three strange superbeings who appear to be the transformed convicts now imbued with amazing powers. Are they figments of her imagination or manifestations of some higher power? The mystery of their creation and the link to Nash is the subject of this series, which earns a footnote in comic book history by featuring early illustration by famed Milk and Cheese creator Evan Dorkin. Phigments blends traditional comic storytelling with horror anthology touches that might be at home in an issue of DCís House of Mystery or Marvelís Where Monsters Dwell and a heroine that takes fashion tips from Lois Lane.

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B&WAlan RowlandsEvan Dorkin, Jim Fern


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 Alan RowlandsEvan Dorkin