Shotgun Mary (2nd Series)

    (Antarctic, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Herb Mallette and Kelsey Shannon

Everybody’s favorite gun-totin’ nun returns in this 1998 series. Originally created by Ben Dunn, Shotgun Mary is now in the hands of writer Herb Mallette and artist Kelsey Shannon. And although the character concept is a bit offbeat, it’s an intriguing and nicely drawn series.

The basic hook for the series is that the Vatican maintains a secret army of warrior nuns and priests that hunt rogue Satanists, demons, and other manifestations of evil on Earth. Mary joined that group some eight years before after studying warrior tactics with her more “conventional” order. Having survived so long, she’s now one of the more experienced devil hunters around, employing earthly weaponry as well as faith to stop Evil’s spread.

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