Skeleton Hand (2nd Series)

    (Avalon, 1997)
™ and © 1997 Roger Broughton

Originally a short-lived horror anthology series from the early 1950s, American Comics Group’s Skeleton Hand is brought back to life for a brief instant (a single issue) in the late 1990s by Roger Broughton and Avalon Communications. It is a title comprised of short stories with an EC horror feel—not nearly as refined as the EC stories, mind you, but adequately entertaining. But here’s one red alert: the first yarn comes to an abrupt end before the actual finish takes place and (doggone it!) it cuts off right when the plot is crescendoing to its fiery climax…the editor/publisher/creator doesn’t even give you so much as a “to be continued next issue” to rest your bones on.

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Reprints from Skeleton Hand (2nd Series) #1; ca. 1997 Pete Riss, Charles Sultan, Jon L. Blummer, Frank Simienski