Robotech: Vermilion

 ROBV   (Antarctic, 1997-1998)

ô and © 1997 Antarctic Press

This story line occurs during the first 36 episodes of the TV series known as the Macross Saga of Robotech. The SDF-1 has returned to Earth following the lengthy exodus home and constant battle with the Zentraedi fleet. Lieutenant Rick Hunter and trainee Hiro Amano are practicing maneuvers when Hunter returns the SDF-1. Suddenly, a Zentraedi battleship appears out of thin airóitís visible to the naked eye yet radar invisible. A RDF squadron arrives but lands on the battleship! When Amano doesnít return, Hunter becomes worried and accompanies an unsuccessful search for evidence. Hunter expects casualties during combat; nonetheless, casualties suffered during routine missions will be thoroughly investigated. A brusque encounter with Crimson Squad leader Raven initiates Hunterís thoughts about rats. Rats? Something to consideróall ships have rats on board but not all ships have two-legged rats.

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