Starmasters (AC)

 S2ED   (AC, 1984)

™ Americomics, ©1984 Tom Lyle, Paul Ran, and Ken Mitchroney

A one-shot containing the origins of Paul Ryan’s Breed and Tom Lyle’s The Women of W.O.S.P.

A trio of ladies make up Women’s Outer Space Patrol, a special-investigations police division. Stephanie Stills, Jessica Klein, and Olga Pietrovich search for the rapist/murderer of Olga’s sister. Their search carries them past space pirates into the twisted world of a sick mind.

The empire took the human/humanoid hybrid son of rebel leader Jason McKensie and trained him to be a one-man killing machine. By his eighteenth birthday, he was given his first assassination assignment-his father. Stopped in time, “Breed” McKensie devoted the rest of his life to making the empire pay for what they had done to him and his people.

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 Tom Lyle, Paul RyanTom Lyle, Paul Ryan