Fathom: Beginnings

    (Aspen, 2005)
ô and © Aspen

Alone and adrift in the ocean following a mysterious and powerful flash of light, the future Aspen Matthews is just a lost and frightened little girl. Having narrowly escaped the man who brutally murdered her parents, Aspenís memories are fragmented, and sheís barely aware, let alone in control, of her burgeoning powers. Will the bond that grows between her and Capt. Matthews be enough to sustain them when Aspenís past catches up with her?

Riding the popularity of 2004ís Fathom: Dawn of War mini-series, 2005 looks to be the biggest year yet for Michael Turnerís seafaring super-heroine, with both this title, detailing her first meeting with her adoptive father, and Fathom Prelude setting the stage for yet another (the 4th!) ongoing Fathom series.

ó Joseph Self

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 Michael Turner, J.T. KrulKoi Turnbull

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