The Grimm Reaper Halloween Fiesta

    (Blindwolf, 2005)
™ and © Blindwolf, ™ and ©2005 Arthur Baltazar and Franco Aureliano

The same folks who brought you Patrick the Wolf Boy featuring the same cartoony style that Blind Wolf Studios is known for do this book. In it are a bunch of short stories and one page gags featuring everyone’s favorite skeletal ghost, Grimm Reaper. It must be tough being a reaper as every other strip lands him back on the psychiatrist’s couch. Other assorted devils, ghouls, zombies and fiends round out the proceedings that are fun for anyone familiar with Harvey’s Casper or Slave Labor’s Little Gloomy.

— Mark Arnold

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ca. 2005Art Baltazar, Franco AurelianiArt Baltazar