JLA: World Without Grown-Ups

 JWWU   (DC, 1998)

™ and ©1998 DC Comics

Because of his strained relationship with his father, Matthew Stuart hates adults; so, after he’s possessed by the spirit of an evil sorcerer, Matt rids the world of all grown-ups, including the Justice League of America, which leaves such youthful stalwarts as Robin, Superboy, and Impulse to save the day. A fun, fresh forerunner to Young Justice by writer Todd Dezago (The Sensational Spider-Man), this Prestige Format mini-series is drawn in two beautiful, wonderfully distinct styles—the “grown-up” style of Mike McKone (Justice League America) and the “kid” style of Humberto Ramos (Impulse, X-Nation, Crimson).

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Wraparound coverTodd DezagoHumberto Ramos, Mike McKone


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 Todd DezagoHumberto Ramos, Mike McKone

Book #1

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Collects Young Justice: The Secret 1 and JLA: World Without Grown-Ups 1-2Todd DezagoTodd Nauck, Humberto Ramos, Mike McKone, Mark McKenna, Wayne Faucher, Lary Stucker