Robotech: Cyber World—Secrets of Haydon IV

    (Academy, 1994)
™ and ©1985 Harmony Gold U.S.A., Inc./Tatsunoko Productions Co. Ltd.

The intricate future fantasy world of Robotech, one of the better Japanese anime series, has spawned an equally creative series of comic titles. Worlds of Robotech is a spinoff of the original series designed to explore plotlines and possibilities outside of the main continuity. Cyber-World (subtitled Secrets of Haydon IV) spotlights a mysterious artificial world and the race of sentient computers that run it. The guardians of the planet have set up a sophisticated data net that visitors enter as a virtual universe, with worlds of information represented in abstract visual form. The concept provides a springboard for creative art and storytelling by Worlds of Robotech auteur John Waltrip.

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