(Artline, 1991)
©1991 Artline Studios

Someone—or something—has been stealing local children from their home. And as unbelievable as it sounds, witnesses swear that the kidnapper was some sort of monster, a “Bigfoot.” When a child who lived just a few blocks away disappeared, teenager Joseph Highplain decided it was time to investigate. As he dashed toward the scene of the crime, something incredible happened: Joseph’s form was energized by the spirit of Wayanasha, which shrouded him in energy in the shape of an Eagle. When Wayanasha’s spirit dispersed, Joseph had become transformed into the powerful hero called Deathwind.

In a cliché-dispelling twist, the monster turned out to be nothing more than a sort of overgrown child himself who merely wanted the children to play with. Deathwind agreed to leave him in peace after returning the children. But as soon as Deathwind left, another character appeared with less peaceful intentions.

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1 copy available for $9.99
1st Appearance of Deathwind; Includes full page pin-up of Black-Bow by Tim Vigil Jim Mahfood