Young Death

 YOUD   (Fleetway Quality, 1992)

™ and © Fleetway Editions, Ltd.

Brian Skuter gains an interview with the notorious Judge Death, in an attempt to reveal the origins of this legal sociopath.

Brought up in what otherwise would be a normal family, young Sidney went to the best private schools and spent his afternoons at his father’s dentist office. But all was not right in this family. Early on, Sidney’s mother and sister fled the increasingly psychotic father and son. For Sidney’s father taught him the joy of having people fear dentists. He hoped Sidney would follow in his footsteps, but the young man had higher ambitions.

Turning over his father to the Judges gave Sidney his desired opportunity. Judges are the law, so only then could Sidney rightfully grant people the final forgiveness they deserved. His law school chums teased Sidney by calling him Death, but he liked it, and so changed his name.

Young Judge Death might have been subject to the same frailties as the rest of humanity if it hadn’t been for love. Young men love well, if not wisely, and Judge Death met two deadly beauties that would change his life forever…

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