Extremes of Violet

    (Blackout, 1995)
and 1995 Blackout Comics, Inc.

The title character is a mysterious woman who has lived for over three hundred years, all the while showing no sign of aging past her mid-twenties. Violet has done her best to live her long life to its fullest, serving as everything from a pirate captain to working more recently as an undercover operative for U.S. Intelligence.

As this series begins, the world is being held for ransom by drug lord Joan Cortino and scientist Dr. William Simon. The two have spread a terrible plague through the unique method of infecting smuggled gemstones. The deadly contagion has already claimed thousands and is spreading exponentially. Cortino and Simon are in possession of an antidote, but refuse to release it unless they are paid $100 million dollars. Playing the role of a female James Bond, Violet has been sent in to infiltrate the ring and save the day before the plague becomes truly unstoppable.

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