Enchanted Valley

    (Blackthorne, 1987)
™ and ©1987 Cliff MacGillivray

The enchanted valley of this fantasy series’ title is just that—a magical, beautiful place, populated by elves (like the hot-tempered Spunk, and the beautiful Feather) and monsters (like the flaming, four-armed beasts known as Glitches). Into this world arrives Kane Harvest, a mighty hero with no apparent memory of his past. And although his actions earn him friends and mark him for a hero, the mystery about him draws suspicion, particularly from the Elfclan, who have many reasons to distrust humans. And unless he can uncover his past, Kane can’t very well prove them wrong.

This entertaining adventure series is published in black-and-white by Blackthorne Publishing.

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 Cliff MacGillivrayKen Hooper


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 Cliff MacGillivray, Robin GreenwayKen Hooper