Amazing Comics Premieres

 AMCP   (Amazing, 1987)

™ and © Amazing Publishing Company

Originally designed to showcase some of Amazing’s newest talent and stories, black-and-white Amazing Comics Premiers wanted to pilot new features, premiere new series, and provide a format for one-shot wonders. They learned that even older companies have had trouble keeping such variety titles going and the magazine only lasted five issues.

Issue one introduced readers to Ninja Bots-combining the eighties ninja craze with eighties robotic trends. Issue two brought us “The Untouchabots,” melding the world of Elliot Ness with the robot-craze. Issue three contained two stories-”Shadowalker” and “The Ghostchasers” while issue four stared Sam Kieth’s Agatha Moore in “The Great American Murder Bar.” The series ended with Stargrazers.

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3 copies available from $1.28
Ninja BotsRoger McKenzieKevin VanHook


2 copies available from $1.50
 Robert KanigherAlan Oldham


2 copies available from $0.96
Includes preview of the New Humans; B&W; ca. 1987Dennis Pimple, David Gomien, Robert KanigherKevin Farrell, Charles Walker, Ron Lim


1 copy available for $4.00
Includes preview of The Lunatic Fringe; B&WJohn Holland, Ron Courtney, Mike S. Miller, Scott Rockwell, Robert KanigherSam Kieth, Ron Courtney, Mike Witherby, John Statema


1 copy available for $4.00
Stargrazers; B&WDavid Campiti, Cynthy J. Wood, Douglas RocitiRon Lim, Douglas Rociti