Wild About Comics

    (About, 2004)
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This title was produced as a promotional sampler of the titles available from About Comics to take advantage of the annual Free Comic Book Day event that publishers and retailers use to entice new customers to the industry. About Comics reprints prose books and comics series that are now out of print and hard to find, as well as new material.

Contained in this sampler is DNAgents and Crossfire, both written by Mark Evanier and originally published by Eclipse. DNAgents is a super–hero team grown in a laboratory for the exclusive use of Matrix, Inc. Crossfire is in reality Jay Endicott a bail bondsman, who appropriated his Crossfire costume from a former client, (now deceased), who used it in industrial espionage and other legally–gray pursuits. Endicott became Crossfire for more altruistic reasons, but still maintains the shady reputation of the previous owner.

Another series is The Liberty Project, which was Kurt Busiek’s first super–hero title. This is a collection of former super–villains given the opportunity to reform as government sanctioned agents.

About Comics offers softbound collections of these titles in a reduced size, similar to manga comics, called Reader Format.

— George Haberberger

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Free Comic Book Day #1

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 Nat Gertler, Mark Evanier, Lewis Carroll, Kurt BusiekRusty Haller, Will Meugniot, Dan Spiegle, Lela Dowling, James W. Fry III