Bright Elegy

    (Adept, 2004)
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From the Harvey and Ignatz Award nominated author of Sweet comes a timeless tale of loss, love, and redemption. James Sharpe is a man haunted by the events of his past. Devastated and broken, he retreats to an island where his family vacationed when he was a child. He is immediately taken in by three beautiful sisters at the aptly named “3 Angels Inn,” where he finds himself drawn to Helen, the oldest sister. As James attempts to heal through his relationship with Helen, his past catches up to him in the form of Peter Smiley, a detective who arrives to question him about certain recent events. But Smiley seems to be taking the case a little too personally…

Bright Elegy is about characters who have lost everything they hold dear, and are desperately searching for reasons to keep living.

— Jerry Smith

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