Freak Show (Image)

 FRSI   (Image, 2005)

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Veteran creators Bruce Jones and Bernie Wrightson demonstrate their mastery of the horror genre with this book’s lead tale about a traveling freak show. Wrightson solidifies his reputation as a legend with “Freak Show” and three shorter stories that showcase his line work. Collaborating on the title story, Jones strings together words that work with the detailed imagery to create a dark and moody atmosphere that is almost palpable through the page. In his introduction, Jones expresses some of the surprise and wonder he felt upon revisiting the story he wrote back in the late 70s. Even though most longtime comic readers will be expecting the traditional twist ending and ominous storytelling, it is hard not to be moved by the tragic tale of a man who runs a traveling show of oddities.

— Colin Chan

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B&W; ca. 2006Bruce JonesBernie Wrightson

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Hardcover; B&WBruce JonesBernie Wrightson