Image Introduces…Dog Soldiers

 IMIS   (Image, 2002)

™ and ©2002 Image Comics, Inc.

After the failure of the U.S. military to secure peace in war-torn Somalia in 1993, the government decides to create a new kind of weapon: bio-engineered combat troops that are a hybrid of human and canine DNA. The soldiers look like humans except for their floppy ears and wagging tongues. They’re also able to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The story is sliced into three parts – a flashback to Somalia before the dog soldiers were created, a bloody training session, and discussions about funding for the project. “Cracker,” who for an unexplained reason is a talking dog, provides comic relief.

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Includes Rex Mundi #0 (preview); B&WRob Hunter, Arvid NelsonPeter Pachoumis, Eric Johnson