Black Flag (Maximum)

    (Maximum, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Dan Fraga

Although the book is created, plotted and drawn by Dan Fraga, Black Flag shows heavy influence from the style and sensibilities of publisher Rob Liefeld. From the shell casing-strewn cover to the heavily armed men and lightly attired women making up the Black Flag team, this is a book that could have come from Liefeld’s pen. Fraga’s art is striking and dynamic, although the story sometimes neglects a discernable plot in favor of opportunities for full page, heroically posed pinup shots.

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3 copies available from $0.99
 Dan Fraga, Robert NaptonDan Fraga, Karl Altstaetter, Logan Lubera, Patrick Lee, Rob Liefeld, Shelby Robertson


8 copies available from $0.91
Wraparound Cover with gatefold; Reprint of Image StoryDan Fraga, Eric StephensonDan Fraga

#2 Variation A

2 copies available from $0.99
Woman on coverDan Fraga, Eric StephensonDan Fraga

#2 Variation B

No copies available
Variant cover with manDan Fraga, Eric StephensonDan Fraga


3 copies available from $1.50
 Dan FragaDan Fraga

#4 Variation A

2 copies available from $1.25
Cover has black backgroundDan Fraga, Robert NaptonDan Fraga

#4 Variation B

1 copy available for $1.50
Cover has white backgroundDan Fraga, Robert NaptonDan Fraga