X-Men vs. The Brood

 XMVB   (Marvel, 1996)

™ and © 1996 Marvel Characters, Inc.

By 1996, the words “All New X-Men Special Event” were enough to send chills (for good or ill) down the spine of many a comics fan. Fortunately, X-Men: Brood is detached from the complexities of the characters’ other storylines and can be enjoyed as a compact, standalone adventure. X-Men: Brood is a two-issue limited series featuring everyone’s favorite mutant superteam battling against a race of parasitic alien scavengers known as the Brood. Writer John Ostrander struggles to jam as much characterization and drama into each 48-page issue as possible, with captions squeezed between the detailed linework of artists Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary. The ruthless Brood aliens provide plenty of opportunity for the X-Men to use their powers to the fullest and the action builds to a suitably violent climax in issue #2.

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Wraparound coverJohn OstranderBryan Hitch


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Wraparound coverJohn OstranderBryan Hitch, Sal Velluto