(Aircel, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Aircel, a division of Fantagraphics Books, Inc.

From the pages of Australian Penthouse, Aircel brings David DeVries’ and Glenn Lumsden’s popular bodyguards to American audiences. Thick-headed Clarry, always on the lookout for a great piece of, er… action, tends to bumble his way through every assignment, relying mainly on instincts and street savvy. Luckily, his partner Christine Fox has brains and actual skills to go with her great looks, and can usually be counted on to save the day.

This genuinely funny series featured covers by Paul Gulacy and introductions by “big name” writers and artists like Todd McFarlane and Karl and Barbara Kesel, who said the strip was “…pretty darn good.”

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Intro by Todd McFarlaneDave DeVriesGlenn Lumsden


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Adult; B&WDave DeVriesGlenn Lumsden


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Polybagged; Adult; B&WDave DeVriesGlenn Lumsden

Book #1

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AdultDave DeVriesGlenn Lumsden