Lady Vampré: Pleasures of the Flesh

    (Blackout, 1996)
™ and © Blackout

Lady Vampré had just killed and fed on three people when a somewhat naďve, (actually stupid), police detective came to her door. After escaping arrest by shifting suspicion to her midget servant, she decided to relax at a local biker bar. There she encountered another, even more monstrous vampire, Savanna, who has plans of her own for Lady Vampré.

A back-up story features the first appearance of Black Lace, the voluptuous leader of a band of mercenaries engaged in stealing computer chips from a terrorist organization named Crimson Dawn, run by her half-sister, Zaire. Black Lace has the ability to enter the world of the recently deceased, a handy skill, since she causes so many to be in that situation.

The first issue of this title was the only one published so both of these plot lines were continued in Lady Vampré vs Black Lace. That title was also only published once owing to the decline of the “Bad Girl” trend and the generally mediocre quality of these comics.

— George Haberberger

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1st appearance of Black Lace; B&WBruce SchoengoodDave Gutierrez