Predator: Cold War

 PRCW   (Dark Horse, 1991)

™ and ©1991 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

It began in Siberia. There, the soldiers on guard at a lonely Soviet pumping station were sent out to check on a radiation reading that had been detected in their area. These soldiers were inexperienced—castoffs assigned to the frozen wastes instead of better duty. So when they came face-to-face with an alien hunter—a Predator—their fate was sealed. Only Lt. Ligachev survived, having been knocked unconscious during the fight. As punishment for her “failure,” her commanders sent her back to Siberia.

Later, the Americans across the border picked up signs of nuclear activity in Siberia. At first, they suspected military activity on the part of the Soviets, but later they came to realize that Predators were involved. Detective Schaeffer, who had battled the Predators before, was unwillingly recruited to lead the battle. The Americans and the Soviets now faced a common enemy…but could they stop fighting each other long enough to fight the Predators?

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