Scarlet Kiss: The Vampyre

    (All-American, 1989)
™ and © 1989 respective creators

Dawne Burnes, a quiet unassuming high school girl, has a recurring dream of being hung as witch and vowing vengeance from beyond. When she seemingly dies after mauling a boy to death because he attempted to get romantic, her ancestral heritage is revealed as the source of her nightmares and her reserved personality is altered to be more… uninhibited. The eldest daughter of every seventh generation has carried the curse of unnatural bloodlust. Fortunately for Dawne and her friend Kris who becomes her thrall, her uncle Malachi is an occult psychologist and familiar with his family’s history.

Writer David Gomien reveals in a text piece that eavesdropping on two high-school girls in a pizza parlor prompted this story.

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