Hari Kari

    (Blackout, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Blackout Comics

Have you got a violent attitude towards women, yet wonder why you’ve never had a non-financial relationship with one? Do you view women merely as objects of sexual gratification, the bigger their breasts the better? Well there’s good news because after meticulous market research, Blackout has created a title specifically for you and your fellow misogynists. “Her Art Is Death” claims the subtitle. So is penciller Guy Dorian’s.

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12 copies available from $0.99
Indicia says #0 #1; 1995Gilbert King, Guy DorianGuy Dorian, Tommy Castillo


9 copies available from $1.50
ca. 1995Bruce Schoengood, Bennett BellotBrock L. Hor Jr.

#1 Variation A

1 copy available for $9.99
Silver Foil Commemorative Edition; Limited to 2.500; ca.1995Gilbert King, Guy DorianGuy Dorian