The L.I.F.E. Brigade

 LIFB   (Blue Comet, 1986)

™ and ©1986 Craig A. Stormon

The tiny starship, Revenge, is sent off to find a suitable planet for humans to live on, but for three years has no success. The crew comes across an alien pirate burying a box containing the cybernetic robot head of the Atomic Oracle, who agrees to assist them in returning to Earth.

And it is an amazing crew! Tim Buck was exposed to the strange radiation of a mysterious comet, which granted him the ability to blast through space under his own power as The Blue Comet. Windraven gained heightened senses due to her studies under two great shamans. John Lazer’s father came from the planet Raydon, whose natives can generate power beams from their eyes… but without the painful mutation that strikes Captain Lazer whenever he uses the power from one of his eyes. The Ray Gun Kid, fast and accurate, never misses when he shoots.

But when they reach Earth, they find ruin and reverse-evolution run wild. They are indeed the Last Individuals Fighting Evil Brigade and their job is only beginning.

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 Craig A. Stormon, Glenn WongCraig A. Stormon, Glenn Wong

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2nd printingCraig A. Stormon, Glenn WongCraig A. Stormon, Glenn Wong


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Title changes to New L.I.F.E. Brigade