Flash Gordon (Alex Raymond’s…)

    (Checker, 2004-2005)
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When the plane of “world renowned polo player” Flash Gordon and Dale Arden, “a passenger” (this is their characterization in its entirety), is downed, and they’re kidnapped by Dr. Zarkoff. He fears they’ll expose (?) his plan to save Earth from imminent collision with the planet Mongo by flying his rocket into it. Naturally, he takes them along. There are unexpected pleasures in reading Flash Gordon from its beginning, such as seeing how long it took Raymond to break away from the rigid multi–panel grid and start drawing the spectacular panoramas for which he’s famous. Moreover, looking at his art, it’s obvious from whom 90% of Golden Age comic book artists were swiping. The “plot,” however, is ludicrous, consisting almost entirely of Flash and Dale (in a nice touch of gender equality) both losing much of their clothes and narrowly escaping unwanted sexual contact. The goofiness reaches a crescendo, when we note a monster’s pit has a helpful sign reading: “Danger: Dragon Feeding Chute.” You just don’t expect that level of worker safety from Ming the Merciless.

— S.A. Bennett

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Hardcover; On the Planet Mongo 1/7/1934-4/15/1934; Monsters of Mongo 4/22/1934-11/18/1934; Tournaments of Mongo 11/25/1934-2/24/1935; Caverns of Mongo 3/3/1935-4/14/1935Alex RaymondAlex Raymond


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Hardcover; Witch Queen of Mongo 4/21/1935-10/13/1935; At War with Ming 10/20/1935-4/5/1936; Undersea Kingdom Of Mongo 4/12/1936-10/11/1936; ca. 2005Alex RaymondAlex Raymond


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Hardcover; Forest Kingdom of Mongo 10/25/1936-1/31/1937; Tusk Men of Mongo 2/7/1937-4/18/1937; Beast Men of Mongo 4/25/1937-8/8/1937; Outlaws of Mongo 8/15/1937-6/5/1938Alex RaymondAlex Raymond


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Hardcover; The Tyrant of Mongo 6/12/1938-3/5/1939; Ice Kingdom of Mongo 3/12/1939-1/21/1940Alex RaymondAlex Raymond


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Hardcover; Ice Kingdom of Mongo 1/28/1940- 4/7/1940; Power Men of Mongo 4/14/1940- 1/12/1941; Fall of Ming 1/19/1941- 6/29/1941; Return to Earth 7/6/1941- 8/24/1941Alex RaymondAlex Raymond


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Hardcover; ca. 2006Alex RaymondAlex Raymond


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Hardcover; Fiery Desert of Mongo 5/16/1943 to 7/11/1943; Battle For Tropica 7/18/1943 to 2/6/1944; Triumph in Tropica 2/13/1944 to 8/13/1944; Marvela 8/20/1944 to 2/4/1945; ca. 2006Alex Raymond, Don MooreAlex Raymond

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 Alex RaymondAlex Raymond