Pulp Action

 PULA   (Avalon, 1999)

™ and ©1999 Avalon Comics Group

Roger Broughton’s Avalan Communications Group bought up a large number of defunct Charlton and ACG properties from the sixties, and released them as a black-and-white reprints for the 1990s. Pulp Action #1 features a murky reprint of old Shadow comic strips, of unknown origin, although Australia’s Shadow (Frew) series seems a likely culprit. Unfortunately, the story is a fairly stock one: a businessman is murdered over the contents of a mysterous sealed box which contains evidence against a local graft group. The Shadow intervenes after the businessman is killed by gangsters, but is himself blamed for the murder. In the end, he must work to convict the real killers using both his “civilian” identity of Lamont Cranston and his more dashing role as the mysterious crimefighter known as The Shadow.

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