The Johnny Nemo Magazine

 JONM   (Eclipse, 1985)

™ and ©1985 Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins

New London is a violent place. Crime runs rampant through the city. Dreams are stolen from the dead and sold as a new drug. Lower class “plebs” are literally hunted in the streets like wild game. In a place like this, when trouble rears its ugly head, Johnny Nemo will be there to help … for the right price. Johnny is New London’s meanest private investigator. When the wealthy Liza Creeture waltzes into his office looking for vengeance against her brother’s killers, Johnny doesn’t hesitate to take the case. The result is a sci-fi pulp adventure that takes Johnny from the streets of New London to Cairo and beyond.

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4 copies available from $1.65
 Peter MilliganBrett Ewins


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 Peter MilliganBrett Ewins


3 copies available from $1.99
 Peter MilliganBrett Ewins, Steve Dillon