Näu Headhunter

 NVUH   (Neotek, 1993)

™ and © 1993 Neotek Iconography

Jack Terminal is a really bad guy, with a soul dedicated to “anarchy, destruction, and death.” Still, his money is good, which is all Nikei needs to hear. For she will serve not only him but also a higher power, which offers salvation to those who repent. Brother Kane and Sister Nikei may be hitmen, and they may be cold killers, but they are also devoted to the church…such as it is in the bleak future of 2061. Violence, religion, death—sometimes it’s difficult to tell them all apart, and in this world, devotion to one often means devotion to the others.

This mini-series is written and drawn by Cary Polkovitch, published in black-and-white by Neotek Iconography. Minimalist and grim but beautiful in its way.

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