Wolverine vs. Spider-Man

 WVSM   (Marvel, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Marvel Entertainment Group

This special edition reprints the “Life’s End” Wolverine/Spider-Man story from Marvel Comics Presents #48–50. It takes place during a time when the world believed that the X-Men had all been killed. So, when Spider-Man sees a live Wolverine on a rooftop, he uses typical super-hero logic to peg him as an impostor.

During the requisite battle, Spider-Man realizes that the man with the claws growing out of his hands is the real thing, and calms down enough to listen to him. He then learns that Wolverine is on a quest to save a young mutant girl from a band of baddies who have kidnapped the girl and her father. The girl’s powers have not fully manifested themselves, but she is potentially one of the most powerful mutants ever. By kidnapping her father, the evil group hopes to force her to do their bidding. But they didn’t count on facing the double threat of America’s favorite webslinger and the mutant with adamantium claws.

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NN; Cardstock cover; One-shot; Collects story arc from Marvel Comics Presents #48-50Erik LarsenErik Larsen