Hulk/Wolverine: Six Hours

 HWSH   (Marvel, 2003)

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Wolverine and Bruce Banner have something in common in this mini-series: they both just want to get away for a while. Wolverine wants to take a hard-earned vacation in the wilds of Canada for a little return to nature; Banner wants to escape from the government spooks tailing him, and hops a charter bound for Canada to do it. Unfortunately, a child suffering from snakebite, a trigger-happy drug dealer, and the always lurking presence of the Hulk beneath the surface of Banner’s psyche conspire to ruin everyone’s plans, setting the Hulk and Wolverine on the collision course that always seems to happen with these two characters.

Written by Bruce Jones, who revitalized the Hulk character in the regular title, this miniseries is, like that title, a little more cerebral than many Hulk-Wolverine clashes.

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Published as Hulk Legends Vol 1: Hulk/Wolverine - Six Hours; Collects Mini Series #1-4 and Incredible Hulk #181Bruce Jones, Len WeinScott Kolins