The Horrible Truth About Comics

 HTAC   (Alternative, 1999)

™ and © 1999 Alternative Comics

James Kochalka’s various small-press comic book titles cover a lot of ground, and this one-shot goes right to the heart of the matter: What makes a good comic? As his traditional protagonist explains to us, while walking around his house, the nearby woods, and even the moon (!), the qualities of great art and great comics have nothing whatsoever to do with technical skills and know-how….in fact, quite the opposite is true. And through a series of analogies, involving play vs. work, melody vs. rhythm, and other tangential issues, he goes on to prove his point.

The argument is particularly appropriate for Kochalka, whose simple yet expressive drawings pay little mind to traditional dictates of anatomy and three dimensions. And yet, every page presents emotional and oddly endearing images. Published by Alternative Comics, in black-and-white.

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